HIDROKOSTIUMAS RRD Zero Women Overknee Back Zip 3.2 size-12

189.00 120.00

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The right wetsuit for those on the budget but fully warm and performant. Made with Superstrech neoprene only on underarm panels and half sleeve. Durastretch neoprene on the whole rest. Pure fabric taped only on stress points on the inside for better flexibility and movement comfort, the ZERO Backzip offers an additional warm potential thanks to the special chest and back panels, where mesh neoprene accelerates wind drying time.

» SuperStrech neoprene only neck /underarms/crotch, rest standard neoprene
» 50% Fabric taped inside for durability and flex
» No seams onshoulders and inder arms
» G/B airtight seams
» Work’n’flex knee panels
» Softskin waterlock collar
» Pure fabric tape
» Mesh neoprene panels
» Drain holes
» Ankle lock straps