Remonto rinkinys TEKKNO KITT


Liko 1


Kneadable putty epoxy mass especially for the quick repair of surfboards, kiteboards and windsurfboards. Can also be processed wet and under water. After 20 minutes it already forms a solid connection and you can go back on the water. Full resilience after 3 hours curing time. After surfing or vacation you can then regrind and repair at your leisure.

1. Clean surface
2. Peel off the film
3. Cut piece
4. Knead putty – don’t forget protective gloves
5. Mending, repairing, sealing
6. Let it harden and edit if necessary

Content 56 grams
Made in Germany
Colour: grey
Safety information:

Contains epoxy compounds. Can cause allergic reactions. See information provided by the manufacturer.
Hazard statements: H315 causes skin irritation. H317 can cause allergic reactions to your skin. H319 causes serious eye irritation. H412 harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
Additional information: May cause damage to health. Other dangerous properties cannot be ruled out.