Footpad BUGZ Deck Pad mit Kicktail


BUGZ galinis padukas.Tinka serfingui,skimbordui,supui na ir aišku kaito weivinei lentai.

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The Bugz surfboard Pad in a cool camouflage design provides great grip on your Surfboard, Skimboard, SKiteboard, SUP. The Tailpad has a Tailkick that allows more pressure on the surfboard tail. The Bugz Pad consists of 3 separate parts, so you can arrange them on your board as you like.

The Bugz Pad surface is grooved and sanded and stays sticky and grippy in any kind of weather or condition. Our specially formulated EVA foam retains its specific density to 100% memory in any water temperature. We use to only the best 3M PSA (PSA) insure that your pad will never pull off until you take it off.

Wide: 31cm
Long: 34cm
Thick: 4mm
Kicktail: 25mm