KOALITION Footpad Deck Grip BARREL Orange Grey 2pcs


Liko 1


The KOALITION surfboard Pad in a cool design provides great grip on your Surfboard, Skimboard, SKiteboard, SUP. The Tailpad has a Tailkick that allows more pressure on the surfboard tail.

The KOALITION Pad surface is grooved in a special Octopus grooving and sanded and stays sticky and grippy in any kind of weather or condition. Our specially formulated EVA foam retains its specific density to 100% memory in any water temperature. We use to only the best 3M PSA (PSA) insure that your pad will never pull off until you take it off.

– 2 piece Grip with arch
– Med Kick Tail
– Octopus grooving
– 29cm wide x 30.5cm high
– 3M Marine Grade adhesive

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