Hidrokostiumas RRD Fahrenheit Back Zip 5/3

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Ready to jump into icy waters? Go for the Fahrenheit, the warmest and quickest drying wetsuits in the range. Stacked with the most high-tech features such as new and improved liquid taped powerseam stitchless technology, superstretch neoprene and fully neo-taped on the inside. The hollow fibre quickdry inside lining takes up 20% less water, keeping it light and making it dry fast, by channelling the water to the back of the lining and draining it out. These features make the Fahrenheit extremely warm, strong, and flexible to suit the most demanding riders. Available in a hooded version for the real ‘Die Hards’.


  • Superstretch limestone neoprene
  • Powerseam stitchless technology on all seams
  • 0,5mm superstretch tape on the inside
  • Quick dry inside lining
  • Aquaban behind backzip
  • Water repellant mesh chest and back
  • Glideskin neck seal
  • Wrist and ankle stretch limiter seals
  • Drain holes
  • Velcro ankle straps
  • Durable HD kneepads
  • Key pocket


The hollow fibre quickdry inside lining takes up 20% less water, by channelling the water to the back of the lining and draining it out, keeping it light and making it dry fast. This makes the suit extremely warm and comfortable.

To prevent water from getting into your suit from the bottom, you can use the removable Velcro strap around your ankle. It also helps to seal off the suit, especially when wearing booties in extremely cold conditions.

All RRD wetsuits use a more eco friendly limestone based neoprene. Limestone neoprene creates ultra flex and warmth. Our new intense black colour uses a dope-dye technique that infuses the yarn instead of dying the fabric after the knitting process, which saves tons of polluted water. Black is the best colour to absorb heat, so you can extend your sessions.

A heat-welded patch on the inside of all main seam’s stress points, reinforces the seams. This prevents possible damage or leaks through the seam joints.

The strongest possible seams without losing stretch. The liquid powerseam on the outside doesn’t let any water in, while neotape with stichless technology on the inside reinforces the seam and eliminates any rash.

The added drain holes above the back panel between the shoulder blades, eliminate any water from entering the suit. If after a big crash water forces its way in through the shoulder closure, it’s drained back out of the wetsuit before it can touch your body.

No more elephant legs after spray from your board splashed into your suit through the legs. The water just drains back out, so you can keep riding without having to adjust your leg cuffs or let any water out.

Neotape on the inside of your suit covers the seams and reinforces it. It creates an extra barrier for water to enter your suit. Neotape insulates the seams too, so it keeps you warm and comfortable.

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