Vairiukai FUTURES Manufacturer 3 Fin Set AM1 Thermotech


Liko 1


Manufacturer set for board manufacturers = without fin pocket and without fin key, simple packaging, not intended for end customer sales.

Thermotech fins do not have the conventional plastic feel of an injection molded fin. Instead, they have an even flex that creates drive and release in turns. Thermotech fins come with the Futures Truss Base, which makes them light and stable.

All Futures Thermotech fins are manufactured using precision tools at the Futures plant in Huntington Beach and are designed to feel like fiberglass fins.

Side Fins Center Fin
Area 14.84 13.35
Height 4.50 4.29
Base 4.50 4.31

Scope of delivery: 3 fins
Size / length M
Color white
Finbox futures
IP protection class N / A