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RRD PALINURO-10’4“ WOOD fantastiškai stabilus supas.Jis toks kaip šeimos dviratis,be kurio niekaip.Ir dar tas medžio grožis,saldainiukas 🙂

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All Round Wide Body

Palinuro is the name of the helmsman of Aeneas, a mitholgical character from Homers’ Iliad, also a famous cape in the Tyrrenean Sea in the south of Italy. Developed around the concept of exploring and learning how to stand on a SUP board, these 2 x spectacular shapes are bringing into life a whole new perspective to water sports.

They are simply a bicycle for water. You can ride them anywhere from lakes to waves and experience and extra-ordinary feeling of freedom, safety and glide. The specific multiple concave hull helps these relatively short and wide boards to keep tracking and require minimum effort to move forward while keeping on going straight.

Experiencing them on waves its a thrill of its own.

Volume 220 Lts
Size (inch) 10’4”x34½”x4 3/4”
Size (cms) 314×87,5×12
Fin 1 x 9’5” Dolphin Fin Polyester US