Klijai SOLAREZ Polyester Ding Repair UV Licht Reparatur


Liko 1


For all polyester boards, hardens in 3 minutes, including sanding pad

The ultimate answer to all minor damage to your polyester board: Solarez consists of millions of small glass fibers that are soaked in polyester and mixed with UV-active hardener and remain liquid in the tube – until you apply it to your damaged area and hold it in direct daylight ( works even in the rain, then only takes a few minutes more, but it has to be direct daylight, windows filter the necessary UV light!). The best: In addition to the good instructions (English), a sanding pad with a coarse and a fine side for sanding is included.

Tip for the best results: Bring the liquid solar ore into the desired shape in the shade with transparent plastic film and then put it in the sunlight. Plastic doesn’t filter UV radiation, so it works. Remove the film as soon as the solar ore gels – this way you get a glossy finish without having to regrind and without making your hands sticky. Suitable for all small and medium-sized repairs to the nose, rails, upper and lower deck, fins and stern.

Scope of delivery: 2 ounces / 56 grams of Solarez polyester and a sanding pad