Kaito Lenta RRD Poison V5 Wood su RAD PAD-ais

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Tai puiki freestyle lenta.Puikus kibumas,lengvumo pojūtis.RRD POISON išskirtinai gera ir nelygaus vandens sąlygomis.




The most wanted freestyle board in our range since its introduction. Some still refer to it as “the board with the eye” constantly reminding about its legendary grip, light feel and silly “pop”. Once you use the Poison you immediately fall in love with it. There is something about it that makes it feel just right.

A new outline shape will take the V5 and it’s riders to new heights. This board has a more continuous outline providing comfort and control in a wide range of conditions. A new lamination technology combined with the incorporation of unidirectional carbon stringers, resulted in less negative flex and more rigidity. This new lay-up combined with slightly more flex from the top results in more explosive pop, increased speed control, and reduced vibration.

The more squared/swallow tips provide more surface area for grip and increased pop. This tip shape creates a higher angle of attack on the water surface, and increases control. We were able to reduce the weight of the core and have additional active fabrics. The result is that the board is more “alive” as the technical characteristics of the fabrics are superior to the wood.

The Poison is an amazing freestyle board. This version has Carbon reinforced channels that in combination with the RRD Rad Pads or boots enable the rider to make the smallest adjustments needed to perfect their stance for maximum performance.

The Poison V5 defines the Status Quo of freestyle boards.


  • Deck and bottom biaxial glass lay-up
  • Carbon reinforced ABS Channels for pads
  • CNC shaped Paulownia wood
  • Anti-torsion box tip design
  • New tip profile on squared/swallow outline
  • A deep concave in the middle of the board
  • 5mm sidewalls



POISON WOOD 39 V5 135 x 39 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 23PS39
POISON WOOD 40 V5 136 x 40 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 23PS40
POISON WOOD 41 V5 137 x 41 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 23PS41
POISON WOOD 42 V5 138 x 42 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 23PS42
POISON WOOD 43 V5 140 x 43 CM 4 x FLOW 5 G-10 23PS43

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Dydis cm

138 x 42, 140 x 43