IRKLAS RRD Pro Active Carbon Race 100 fixed

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Liko 1


Race PRO large size blade

The new composite paddle collection offers a large variety of paddles for different uses, based on different types of blades and shaft stiffness. The concept is very simple. We have started from a very reliable, fully proven blade design that incorporates super efficient water penetration together with a very stable feel under every paddle stroke and a superior lift given by the special concave design ending with a slight positive ‘hook’ shape in the blade tip.

The stiffer 100% carbon content paddles are designed for pro or hi-performance users who want to save as much weight as possible and maximize power transfer from the body to the paddle.

No compromise, only result oriented paddles.

Model: Pro active flex carbon race 100 Fixed paddle
System: Fix cut to lenght
Shaft / Ext Diameter In Mm: Oval 29-27
Paddle Lenght In Cm: 210
Blade Width / Lenght In Cm: 20 cm wide, 42.5 cm lenght
Blade Width / Lenght In Inches 8” wide, 16.7” lenght
Blade Area: 98 sqi