Hydrofoilas RRD ALU-85 burlentei


RRD ALU-85-Y25 tai vienas iš geriausių aliumininių hydrofoilų rinkoje.Specialaus,sustiprinto,pastorinto aliuminio 85cm koja,ilgas aliumininis fiuzeliažas,prašmatnūs pre-preg konstrukcijos sparnai.Šis foilas,puikus pasirinkimas tiek pradedančiajam,tiek pažengusiam.

Išankstinis užsakymas



A modern and evolved freeride foil with an 85 cms ALU mast and 120 cms fuselage and hybrid carbon wings. Easy to learn on and progress with controllable performances. It guarantees a solid and fast flight and long “floating/foiling” characteristics even when the wind drops. Super easy to come off the water under the slightest pumping action on the rig. Can go up to 22 knots of top speed. A true pure new school windsurfing experience!


  • 6 separable pieces: mast, plate, tuttle head, fuselage, front and rear wings
  • WH hybrid carbon front wing developed for hi performance windfoiling. Easy to control at higher speed and best upwind angle.WH hybrid carbon rear wing designed with thin profile and side winglets. Best stability of ride and control from 8 to 22 knots of speed. The perfect stabilizer for windfoiling.
  • Wider and stiffer Universal ALU mast with extra internal wall thickness and reduced outside profile. The top combination for speed potential and superior control. The most evolved ALU mast in the market today.
  • Plastic connector at the bottom of the mast allows it to fit to any fuselages from kite to surf foils, and by separating aluminum parts contact it avoids oxidation and corrosion typical when aluminum touches aluminum. Longer lifetime, no stuck pieces.
  • WH alu fuselage with narrow streamlined leading edge and long&wide wings attachment area. Stiff connection that takes you to hi performance.
  • Stainless steel (aisi 316) Helicoil threads on mast and fuselage for longest durability and easier to unscrew.