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Main features :
– Most profile’ deep in meta’ lower body of the sail
– More twist to release power and improve the control
– Leach more’ caught between the slats over the hot point for faster acceleration
– A more lively thanks to narrower shaft pocket in the upper third of the wing
– Lighter swing weight thanks to lighter material selection in the top half of the sail

The main points of improvements are checking, stability and Acceleration. The new SC Race and’ with a profile of the sail deeper that creates a more forward and effectively-run more speed and Acceleration.

We have improved the tree pocket to work better with the tree SC11. This gives the rig a more responsive management. We improved our speed of 1-2 nodes with mast and sail. We are extremely proud of the new SC Race!!!
Racing sail is ideal for all kinds of conditions and we are confident it will help you to go faster!!!”

The SC Race is designed for the non plus ultra of the competition. Has the optimal combination of power at low revs and top speed at high rpm. Stability and camber and rotation’ exceptional jibes with no problems.

Each dimension has a tapered rib in costum 2 parts for optimum accuracy of profile. The pockets of symmetrical slats provide an accurate shaping on both walls of the body of the sail.
The controlling tendon (structural sferzo) kevlar sail profile protects from strong gusts.