Burė RRD X-Tra X MK5-7,0m


Burė XTRA-X stabili ir galinga.Puikiai tiks tiek pradinukui,tiek pažengusiam.Pilnai armuota.




The Xtra is the perfect sail to get you started and keep you going, from beginner to advanced. A mix of 4 and 5 battens throughout the range makes each size comfortable and above all else easy to use.  The larger sizes with 5 battens are more stable and powerful, whilst the smaller sizes with 4 battens are lighter and easier handling. A huge tuning range not only makes the sail adaptable to all conditions, but also forgives poor rigging technique. The Xtra is available in 2 constructions, with the standard Xtra featuring a monofilm body and the Xtra–X comprising a 100% X-ply construction for the ultimate in durability. Whatever your level, the Xtra will give you more.

John Skye NOTES

“The Xtra is a great sail in our line up, mainly thanks to its ease of use. Just rig it and go sailing, whether you are working on your first water start or mastering the finer points of gybing. This sail really takes you through the complete learning curve and you will never outgrow the Xtra”.


X-Tra X  MK 5-7,0m.-Boom- 203 +/-2cm. Luff-469cm.- Mast-460 RDM or SDM. 5 battens sails. Full Xply !

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